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To our 8701 family,

What a ride these past 12 years have been! We’ve been a part of countless weddings, captured many new parents as they began their families, seen graduating seniors off on the adventure of adulthood, and partnered with some truly amazing vendors for some fantastic events. We’ve accomplished a lot, been printed and featured in local media, and have been with so many of you throughout the biggest momentous occasions of your lives. We truly mean it when we say you are a part of our family!

That being said, time truly is a thief. As we’ve been there through it all with you, watching your families grow…our own family has also grown. We started 8701 when we were still chasing toddlers and having babies ourselves. The majority of our marriage has been spent operating this small business of ours! As most of us know, life throws a lot of curveballs at us, and can change direction on a dime. Which is exactly what happened this year, when we found ourselves at yet another crossroads in life.

This is why, after MUCH talking, thinking, and praying…we have decided to set our cameras down and officially retire 8701. The time we have with our own children is so fleeting, and we know we will never get it back. It’s time to change our focus and prioritize them and our family. Plus-they keep us SO busy! It’s time to take back our weekends.

This is truly bittersweet, as we have met so many wonderful amazing people, and we have truly enjoyed and been honored to be trusted to capture your most precious moments and memories. We will miss you all…but we are at complete peace with this decision, which tells us it’s exactly what we need to do.

From this point on, we are only fulfilling the remainder of our commitments for 2023, and are taking no new business. If you have galleries on our website that you would like to access, you will only be able to do so until Sept 1, when our website comes down.

Thank you so much for the last 12 years, 8701 family. Your business and trust in us supported a passion, a dream, and our family.



Jimmy & Lissa

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