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The most common question we get is, "Where'd you come up with 8701?" Well, it's a simple story really.

  • Hooked on a Feeling, jukebox selection 8701... 

  • IHOP, a common hangout, once located at 8701 Shawnee Mission Pkwy...

  • Jimmy was born in October of 1978. 10/78...or backwards-87/01...

  • The venue in which we got married, with an original address of 8701...

  • Our first born, with a birth date of August 7th...


Call it fate, call it coincidence, but 8701 has followed us everywhere. So we found it only appropriate to make it our name!


Vogel Family Portraits-26.jpg
Vogel Family Portraits-23.jpg

A conversation between a husband and a wife. A husband who was unhappy with his current employment and missing the career path he had once been on. A wife who was feeling guilty because being a stay-at-home mom had left her unfulfilled and she was suddenly unsure about her current college degree of choice.

Both of us had a background in photography, video, and design. But neither of us had pursued those paths. Because, you know, we had to grow up and take the path of responsibility and dependability instead! How do you raise a family as a starving artist?? The problem was-we regretted it. We missed the arts. That's our passion!

Photography and Design are both incredibly tough and competitive fields! Plus there was the software, the website and gallery hosting, the gear...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It took us THREE YEARS to get out of the red of our initial investment and finally start making a profit!

It was this attitude that pushed us and continues to push us with 8701! That, along with our philosophy to always keep it fun, is what makes 8701 what it is and who we are. When we stop having a good time, we'll stop. Until then-come have a good time with us! 

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